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What Is Trishula?


Trishula is a type of traditional indian trident, usually a Hindu religious symbol. The trishula symbolism is polyvalent and rich. The trishula is wielded by the Hindu God Shiva and is said to have been used to sever the original head of the Hindu God Ganesha. The three points have various meanings and significance, and, common to Hindu mythology, have many stories behind them. They are commonly said to represent various trinities--creation, maintenance and destruction, past, present and future, the three gunas.

It also represents the place where the three main nadis, or energy channels (ida, pingala and shushmana) meet at the brow. Shushmana, the central one, continues upward to the 7th chakra, or energy center, while the other two end at the brow, there the 6th chakra is located. The trisula's central point represents Shushmana, and that is why it is longer than the other two, representing ida and pingala.

The three menacing elongated prongs of the trident look like weapons and are used for penetrating, scratching and wounding, so in the symbolic context of dream work, the trident is a penetrating device, effectively "wounding" and scraping what is useless and needs to be separated and removed from the virginal aspect of the psyche. But this wounding opens three deep holes that allows the penetration by the spiritual light of the soul that nourishes and illuminates the unconscious part in us. Through this purification, our unconscious becomes conscious of itself. Thus the trident symbolically opens these three "gates" to higher levels of enlightenment. Let us examine these three "wounds" and three "gates."

The three wounds have the power of transmuting our self-consciousness from its dualistic awareness to its source, Cosmic Consciousness. In piercing and perforating our "self-conscious" aspect, the prongs transmute the egotistic and lower psychic character traits into their spiritual perfect ideals. Thus the trident is an awakening device a powerful symbol for our purification and spiritual advancement through dream work.

The trident is an effective instrument of purification and purgation for awakening the inferior parts of the psyche and sensitizing them to higher spiritual impulses coming from the psyche that are influenced by the permanent witness.Moreover, the trident, as a symbol of Trinity, impregnates and penetrates with its triune spiritual energies the lower and higher aspects of our self-consciousness.

In Buddhism, the trident is taken as a symbol of the Tiratna, or triple jewel (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, meaning the Awakened One, the Truth expounded by Him, and the followers living in accordance with this Truth). It may also be regarded as the triple current of energy in man. And in our own spiritual context, the trident represents the instrument moving these same energies within our psyche.

Who is Trishula Bearer ?




Prior telling you "who i am" i would like to tell all a story about how it all began....

After leaving Singapore for 8 years ,i have been on my own Spiritual Journey learning and working with various Reiki or other Human Channeled energy system.Then during my Awakening, i have started to realized that in this new age today, we have been offered so many energies by wonderful healers that have created their own systems via the help of channeling. Unfortunately i have also found out that most of these systems are great for healing self and others to an extend but it is not what i hope for.


Prior Spiritual Awakening, i was a heavy smoker that uses 40 sticks of cigarettes per day. I am grateful that with my Will Power, i was able to quit in just 24 hours .Had been in deep depression dealing with the death of my father from Cancer and was able to Self heal and become the Healer and Teacher of today. I had been to the darkest part of my life and i am proud to be able to share with my Transformation techniques. I know how it feels to overcome addictiions and also to heal the Body, Mind & Soul. Experience is very important besides having the tools or technique for teaching such Transformative work!

I have always realized that there has been a Trident vein within one of my palm and i have not been thinking much about it until that Awakening day.During that day i was on my bed when suddenly two figures appeared on my left and right side of the bed. Although i have never been much influence by Hinduism when growing up, i was often drawn to the architecture of Hindu temples and its energies. Despite that, i do know who is Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga! They were both on the side of my bed smiling and without uttering a word, handled me two symbols, Lord Shiva gave me a Crescent while Goddess Durga gave me a full moon symbol. They left them in my palms and then vanished before my eyes.






"After receiving the Cresent from Lord Shiva and Full Moon from Goddess Durga, My quest begins and that is when more and more Supernatural Pananormal Photo began manifesting in my Photo in Bali ( Lord Shiva as shown above & more) and also Singapore where Ascended Master Hilarion and Lady Nada manifested during my Ascension Teaching within Bukit Panjang Nature Reserve."




I do know this is not a dream as i had encountered Spiritual experiences since i was seven years old. So this set out a quest for me to find out more of my Hindu past which definitely link to this Awakening moment. Time flies and i have finally discovered my past incarnation as Twice Hindu High Priest of Bali. I started to Worship Lord Shiva and wanted to follow his guidance in my own quest of healing and empowering more people. I had made a vow to Lord Shiva that if i am able to receive Higher teaching then i would use it to help others.

It was then i met an Ascended Being and was given different disciplines of Ascension based Knowledge and through the help of Lord Shiva (My Teacher of Past & Present Life) i was able to align and use all these to empower others. My current Ascension teaching is not only for Multidimensional Healing but most importantly for those who wish to advance on their Spiritual Evolvement.


Ever since then, i have started to help Cancer sufferers worldwide by imparting them with some of my Light Meditation and could see changes in them being more receptive to their western treatment and most importantly they are feeling much more happier. In addition to Cancer, i am presently also helping Abused victims whether via Physical, Sexual or other abuses. This is what i am doing as Complimentary to those who are open to my Teaching and would like me to be part of their healing journey.

In additional to that i have also Pledge to provide reasonably priced Genuine Ascension Based Teaching so that more people can learn to work with these extraordinary energies. Yes, these are the energies that i have been working all these years for building my own Light Body and much more! I have been guided by Ascended Master, Angels and other Light Beings to introduce all that i have learn so that more people can benefit from this.

Ever since a child i have been looking for answers. How did i astral project at a age of 7 or have the abilities to see things (Spirits) which are unexplainable. I am Clairvoyant, Clairsentience, Clairaudient, Clairalience, Claircognizance and Clairgustance.

Uncovered Past Life incarnations


My Cosmic name is: Janas'Noorell (Channeled by Kryon)
Cosmic parents: Melek Metatron and Shakti (Channeled by Kryon)
Origin: El'Shaddai (Channeled by Kryon)


My Cosmic Father Melek Metatron:
The attributes of Melek Metatron are wisdom, knowledge, courage, strength and power.

Melek Metatron is the "Eye of God", the creative principle in the universe. The divine presence, God's living light of action, is expressed through Melek Metatron. Beings who were created by Melek Metatron have been teachers and guides in many incarnations.


My Cosmic Mother Shakti (Durga, Parvati and many other manifestations):
The attributes of Shakti are softness, care, will and intention.

Shakti is the bearing feminine power. She is the motherly, bearing principle of security, serene balance, and inner balance. Through love she lets healing of the spirit be experienced. Shakti is both powerful and loving. Beings who were created by Shakti were teachers and leaders in many incarnations.


Origin: El'Shaddai

El'Shaddai (Mountain of the Gods) is the divine field that is the closest to the divine Source.

Human beings who were created in El'Shaddai are very great lights.



Lemurian Incarnation

Twice Lemurian Incarnation


Atlantean Incarnation

Twice Atlantean incarnated that were expertise on Crystal Technologies and this life time i am blessed to share with all my Authentic Atlantean Mystery School.


Star Seed Incarnations

1) A Pleiadian and my Star is MAIA

2) Sirus

3) Arcturus

4) Andromedian

5) Ashtar Command

6) Alpha Centauri



Earthly Incarnations

Reincarnated on Earth Around 1500 AD for preserving Hinduism and Peace. Once Buddhist High Priest and Twice Hindu High Priest were recorded.


The First one was a Chinese Buddhist Priest who had achieved enlightenment at a very young age between China Yunan and border of India. (I have yet to search for more details for the temple that i had left . However being a couple of times in Yunan Province of China, really make me feel at home . I was'nt told of my past during those years when i visited.)


In the second life time I was born in Bali as the very well known high priest, Ida Peranda Shakti Wawu Rauh, a figure which all inhabitants  in around Mount Agung knew well, I built the Nine temples there where people worship of "Nawa Sangha (nine holyguides)". One of them is the current well known Mother of all Temples in Bali "Pura Besakih".

"i was born as Danghyang Nirartha and was actually the son of Danghyang Semaranatha. He was a beloved Guru of the Majapahit Kings and Kingdom. Danghyang (Guru,Master) Nirartha had two children Ida Subawa (female) who is also my Sister this life time "Lady White Jhambala" and for me i was named dan Ida (means revered) Kulwan (male one). AD 1500

I was being called Peranda addressed later after i became the Jagat guru or Guru for whole island and in order to preserve Hinduism in Java i left Java Island and my Guru father.In the end the tradition of Hinduism of Java was destroyed and the kingdom was brought down.



In the third life time as Ida peranda Sakti Manuaba born in India but have travelled and lived in Bali as another shivaist priest who accomplished in all siddhis, this great figure left a big temple Ashram in region Tegalalang, Ubud Bali. had a direct authorization from Shiva.



My Past life was Miraculous but it is PRESENT LIFE that is more Important and that it will make a difference!



Trishula是傳統印度三叉戟的一種,通常是印度教的宗教象徵。 這三叉戟象徵主義是多元的和富有的。 三叉戟據說由印度教神濕婆(God Shiva)揮舞,並已用來割斷印度教神甘尼薩(God Ganesha)的頭。 三叉具有各種意義和重點,在印度教神話同樣地有許多背後的故事。 三叉戟通常代表各種三位一體,例如 "創造,維護和破壞"或"過去,現在和未來",三個槍支。

它也代表三個主要能量通道(ida,pingala和shushmana)在眉頭相遇的地方。  Trisula中間的一叉叫shushmana,比左右兩邊的ida和pingala更長,一直向上申延到第7個脈輪,或稱能量中心,而ida和pingala就向上申延到於眉頭位置, 即第6個脈輪。



三叉戟的三個有威脅性的長叉子看起來像武器,是用來穿透,抓傷和創傷,所以在夢想工作的象徵意義上,三叉戟是一個穿透裝置,有效地“創傷”和刮掉那些無用的,需要分離的和一些有害的心理特徵性狀。 這些“傷口”能夠打開了三個深洞,讓靈性之光穿透,滋養和照亮我們的無意識部分,我們的無意識部分通過這個淨化變得有意識。 因此,三叉戟象徵性地打開了到更高層次的啟示的三個“門”。 讓我們來看看這三個“傷口”和三個“門”。

三個傷口具有能力將我們的自我意識從二元性意識轉化為宇宙意識 (自我意識的來源)。 在刺穿和穿透我們的“自我意識”層面,尖叉將我們的自我中心和較低的心理特徵性狀轉變成我們靈性上的理想完美狀態。 因此,三叉戟是一種覺醒裝置,一個非常有效地通過夢想工作將我們淨化和靈性進步的象徵。




在佛教中,三叉戟被視為提拉特納,或三重寶石的象徵(佛,法,僧 - 已覺醒的人,他所闡述的佛法,以及追隨佛法生活的人)。 它也可以被認為是人類的三能電流。 在我們自己的精神語境中,三叉戟代表了讓我們的心靈中流動與上述這些相同能量的儀器。

誰是Trishula Bearer?

在告訴你 “我是誰” 之前,先告訴你一切的起源....


我一直留意到,在我一隻手掌上呈現一個三叉戟靜脈形狀,在我覺醒之前都沒有因而想太多。有一天我在床上,突然有兩個影像出現在我床兩側,雖然印度教對我的成長沒有太多的影響,但我也不時被印度教寺廟或建築和它的能量吸引到。因此,我知道誰是濕婆神(Lord Shiva)和杜尔迦女神(Goddess Durga)!他們都在我床邊微笑,沒有說話,給我兩個符號,濕婆神給我一個新月符號,而杜尔迦女神給我一個滿月符號。留在我的手掌中,然後在我的眼前消失。

“收到來自濕婆神的新月和杜尔迦女神的滿月後,我的任務開始,越來越多的超自然及靈異照片開始出現在我巴厘島拍的照片上(濕婆神如上所示還有更多),另外在新加坡Ascended Master Hilarion 和 Lady Nada當我在Bukit Panjang自然保護區作靈修教學時顯靈出來。


然後我遇到了Ascended Being,並給予不同基於Ascended知識的戒條,及通過濕婆神的幫助下(我過去和現在生活的教師),我能夠合二為一,將其授權他人。我目前的靈修教學不僅是多維治療,而最重要的是希望能幫助他人的精神有更進一步的發展。


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