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More than Ten Years ago, i had wanted to create An Egyptian Theme Website that was inspired by my own Egyptian Mystery School that was never been introduced before!

It was the decision of the Gods & Goddesses of Egypt that it should not be introduced as it is something so Unique & Authentic that should not fall into the hands of those with Bad intentions.


Ten years later while working with the Ancient Egyptians Guides, Great White Brotherhood, Members of Star Council & More, more truth and Light was being revealed.

Now shall be the time to bring forth the Ancient Egyptian Vibrations and all others in Union to Transmute all Negativity & Darkness into Light once more! Therefore a New Healing Space had been created in order to facilitate all these Multi Dimensional Frequencies & Lost Ancient Knowledge for Genuine Spiritual Evolvement Mastery.

在十年前的我已很想做个用埃及做为主题的网页,目的是想在当时推出我本身的古埃及神秘学校! 很可惜的是到了最后还是没推出,而原因是古埃及的从神们都不想我把当时的神秘学校传授给不良人士所以就没被推出!



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