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Advance Implants Removal

The release of implants and devices will lead your life to a new level of clarity and purpose. Represents a release of collective karma of many levels at once. To have this kind of impact it is necessary to release the votes and agreements that keep the devices in place, as well as having the spiritual power to actually dissolve the implants themselves.


We will intuitively prepare you for this intensive deep implant clearing session that you will benefit in many ways.



Implants and devices are barriers limiting spiritual vibration in the path of ascension that block their progress toward full self-any supply. They block your path by putting yourself sales and creating false realities in his conscience, thus limiting your access to your Higher Self. These are mechanisms for external control of the Dark Forces that keeps you in a dual reality. Although there are many types, purposes and causes, all act as channels of unconscious negative energy in your life and represent karmic bonds and associations need to be healed and rectified.



The implants have played a critical part of the karma that needs to be resolved from one life to another. When this is implemented requires that regresses the wheel of reincarnation again and again to resolve the karma and be controlled by dark forces again, a very clever way to ensure state of the world forever, that is, until now. A soul to ascend back to your I AM Presence, all karma must be balanced, all the implants removed.


Although there are individuals who have risen since the time of Jesus it has been a rare success so far. The planet itself has decided to climb to a fifth-dimensional reality. Grace was extended to absolve all karma for those who elect to rise with him. Grace is part of the release of implants.


These are just some benefits of this process which include:

1) Feelings of inner calm and clarity;

2) The internal mental conversation is more relaxed;

3) The internal tension is gone;

4) If you won or enhances the ability to channel;

5) A feeling of a new sense of purpose and meaning in life;

6) Feelings of love and peace and joy;

7) Your life will improve in all areas;

8) Sense of Unity, high spiritual consciousness;

9) Dissolution of non-productive relationships.




90 mins per session

Package is available please enquire.



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