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This is another very Special work that i had been doing for the past 14 years and although being low profile for such work, i would like to receive word of mouth (Non Commercial) so that more people could benefit from this sharing.

In addition to Cancer Liberation, i am also helping victims who had been raped or physically abused by people that they loved most or by strangers. It also had been revamped and given the name of "Project Solace" I remembered that I had even worked with cases that were suicidal, when one was given a second chance to live after a failed suicide attempt.

So what is this actually? 


When i was still a teenager and was earning my own pocket money in a small company, i got to know a lady who once asked me about my experiences for making friends with a foreigner over internet. After getting to know my details, she was quite fascinated about finding a boyfriend over MIRC chat so she was on her way for the discovery.

Unfortunately mine, blossom into something wonderful as  from friendship into life time partner but for her it ended up tragically. She met an American who lives in a trailer and eventually they met up but after a few days later, she was being locked up for the rest of her entire stay being a sex slave to this guy that she met.

All of us were worried about her since there was no emails or news and that is unlike her character at all. So when she returned one day, we had heard from others that she had such an awful incident. She was entirely a changed person, not the friendly kind but rather dark and quiet person now. Of course, she does not speak to me anymore nor even bother to see me eye to eye.

From that Day on-wards, i could see and feel of how damaged it could be for someone despite that she still pretended if everything were alright. Although this is not an oath that i made but i would love to assist those who need this healing so that he or she could be healed from such incident.


This Teaching/Healing must be accepted willingly and not against free will of others so please do respect that. Do note that your details will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any others.

In my Program, I shall evaluate your incident and will check to see of your emotional & mental bodies status so that i could start the process for the first step. Then in the Second step, will be teaching you to work, heal & balance your Body Mind & Soul so that we can achieve tranquility.


Yes, all these Simple yet advanced Meditations will be Complimentary  ( Free ) for ONLY people who fit our category and shall be taught personally via Distant or in Person. If you do not wish to accept this teaching as complimentary, a donation for my time & work will also be fine for me.


I will not accept any request behalf of someone as this needs to be the one who wish for such programs. The last and FINAL agreement and permission that i need from you is YOUR FORGIVENESS  TOWARDS THOSE WHO HAD CAUSED THIS PAIN, THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. Although this might sound rather cruel but it is necessary for you to have an open Heart for me to contain and purge all hate & all darkness debris ,Black dark atoms and etc then replace it with Light. YOU MIGHT FEEL THE PAIN AS THIS IS NOT A SPA TREATMENT BUT THE AFTER EFFECT WILL BE AWESOME!   When you do agree to my Terms and that you are Ready, do click the link below.









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