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This is another very Special work that i had been doing for the past few years....... Ever since that i had lost my first cat while living in Belgium , I have this skill and knowledge to bring all animals & humans into the light but as for now, we are referring to Animals only.

My first pet was a Silky Terrier dog which had been with me for some years but due to living abroad, i had neglected her quite much. I loved her very much and then one day while still living in Munich, i felt uneasy and just knew that i would have to call back home in Singapore. i knew i just had to call home to check and when i did, i had asked if my dog was alright. My family had lied to me out of good will and told me that she was alright but deep inside i knew she had gone! In fact they had to put her to sleep due to her health conditions.

My Second pet was a strange but wonderful cat in Munich Germany,  when i was there he was already an one eye cat that came into the family that had decided to stay while still enjoyed roaming around the area. After shifting to Belgium, one day he got bitten by some creature outside and had left him half paralyzed.  Cats are very unique animals, they wouldn't want their owner to see their worst and unhappy situation so they would like to hide somewhere where they could move on peacefully.

After returning from my shopping, i had found him stiff and lying on his own urine. In the end, i was the one that showered his stained body and later dried him. i hold up his stiff motionless body and saw that both his eyes were opened when he had his last breath, i close both of his eyes and told him to move into the light peacefully as we will take very good care of ourselves.

Suddenly, i saw an light orb just came out from his head and then diminished into a flash and disappeared. i knew that he had crossed over and that i have such skills to do so.....

My second cat was called Minnie and also Ivory, a drawf bengal cat so full of character but a little reserve to herself but was very closed to her Snow bengal brother called Ivory.  Minnie and i shared a very special relationship and despite that she was closer to my partner, she would still showed her love for me, such as sleeping close by me. However she would moved away swiftly once i was awake, perhaps she does not want me to see her soft side loving me?

One dawn after meditation when i was going to head for the shower room, i found her having a stroke symptom and had requested the help of my neighbor to bring us to the vet. Unfortunately minnie passed away while in the vet's place and we were quite upset , so upset that i had scolded the Angels for taking her away from us and had even requested the Angels and Lord Shiva to allow her to be with me for a few days before crossing over.

That period of time, i was preparing for my trip to Singapore and i was working on my laptop to check for all necessity that i should have brought for my trip. Then something  caught  my attention, since i was wearing shorts and i  actually felt our Minnie brushing my leg! I had forgotten about my plea to the Divine and was with her the entire night, she had even laid on our bed accompanied our side. If only my partner could feel and see her presence that night but when Dawn arrived, i had thanked the Divine for this gift and had told her the same thing i told our first cat.  I saw that she was much happier and just in front of me, a sprout of light appeared and then diminished.  She was in a much happier place now....

This work is also complimentary and if you had a very sad ending with your pet or had lost your pet and been wondering if they are still alive then you may seek my help.

However if you would like a physical parting with your pet and would like me to bring them forward whether they are from the Light or had not cross over due to other factors and would prefer to have a session with me. I will let you know of what i require and the fee that im looking for. 

Of course, this is only possible for in Singapore or whenever im in town visiting your country for such service.

As for via distant service, please click below









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